March 4, 2021

Here Are 3 Tips When Being Sentenced To Cancer

Who the hell wants to be sick? Eating is not good. Sleep was not soundly. It is not easy to receive an exam in the form of illness. If told to choose, surely everyone will choose to continue to be healthy in order to move freely. However, what if the doctor has sentenced us to get cancer? It’s no longer a cold that can recover in a matter of days. Nor is a toothache that will heal, all three teeth pulled out of the gum. Cancer. Yes, a type of non-communicable disease due to cell abnormalities. You can imagine if this verdict falls on us or our closest people. It must be sad, disappointed, not received, and such. Maybe the thing that comes to mind is to find a miracle healing prayers to ask the right person for healing.

This disease is quite costly to cure. They even need extra struggle and extraordinary support from the closest people. So, what should be done if it happens to us or our closest people?

1. Sincere
One word that is easy to say, but difficult to realize is sincere. Sincerity must always be attached to every human being. If the doctor has declared cancer, there is no need to be afraid and stressed. Reassure yourself that God will not burden someone outside the limits of his ability.

2. Looking for as much information related to this type of disease
The most important thing so as not to be wrong in taking action is to find as much information as possible about this cancer. Starting from the type of cancer suffered. Examination stage. Stages of treatment and financing. Involve the closest family to discuss the steps to be taken.
If you have determined a doctor who will handle, then fully trust him. In the sense of not being easily influenced by input from parties who are inexperienced. This is important so that the treatment does not run optimally.

Even if there are friends or people nearby who suggest taking this action, just ignore it. Moreover, he had never been a cancer patient before. The concern is when there are people who offer help, but instead take advantage of the patient’s weaknesses. Missal offers certain medications. Explain that the drug is more effective and has no side effects compared to going to medical with all the risks.

The thing to remember is, there is no single drug that only has a single effect even though herbal. If indeed taking an alternative route, it still must be under the supervision of a doctor. Because after all the medical side is far more understanding about this, besides the tools which are also adequate.

3. Enjoy
Enjoy. That way the feeling calms down. Remove all the burdens of the mind that bind. Avoid stress. Because stress will increase the level of pain. Occasionally meet and chat with fellow cancer patients. Exchange ideas to add experience. Especially with patients who have advanced stages. From them we can take many lessons and wisdom, “I’m not alone”. That which must always be implanted in the mind. There are many cancer fighters who are the same boat as us.