February 25, 2021

Remember God Through Prayer

In daily life, prayers are very important to be applied especially for people who have faith in God, because the activities are the relationship between a servant and his Lord, Jesus Christ. But in practice, prayer is rarely applied, even though there may be only some people who always apply it. Most people practice prayer at certain times and circumstances. Like praying is only done by humans when there is a will or wanting something which is where he thinks only God who can help realize that desire. Sometimes humans pray and remember God only when in trouble and hit by a problem.

A prayer request is an activity or method performed by a servant in remembering God. In prayer a servant praises and glorifies the greatness of God by feeling that we are only a helpless weak servant and only the Lord Almighty. Therefore, we are His servants only a small part of His power. Prayer is a method or activity of a servant with God where a servant begged and asked Jesus with the intention in the heart that his wish can be fulfilled. We are allowed to pray only to God because as we know that Jesus is the only God who must be worshiped and only the place for a servant to complain, complain, and ask for help. Because there is no power and effort other than the power and help of God. Therefore, the importance of humans to pray in everyday life need to be remembered because the application of prayer is very influential in human life.

Prayer is the lightest type of worship, as well as the greatest and most important position on His side. This is because the movement of the tongue is the lightest and easiest movement of all the other limbs. If the other limbs move as much as the tongue moves (because of the prayer), surely it will be tired, and that is not possible. Remembrance according to language is to remember something or mention something. Prayer is to remember God’s name by any means both in our minds or in the heart. People who always pray will feel calm and calm in their lives as the word of God.