May 10, 2021

4 Danger Can Arise If The House Is Not Cleaned After Flooding

Floods that hit several areas resulted in damage to facilities, infrastructure, and fatalities. Besides, property, securities, and even residents’ houses were also affected by the flood. Even though you are tired of fleeing or staying at home, cleaning your house after a flood should be done immediately. Dirty water, mud, and garbage brought by floods can cause various problems if not immediately cleaned. Immediately contact the Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches so that your house can be occupied immediately.

Here are the potential dangers if the house is not cleaned up immediately after the flood:

1. A bad odor that stays at home
Floodwater and mud, along with the garbage it carries also carry an unpleasant odor. You can start cleaning it by using natural odor neutralizing ingredients such as coffee, pomander, or scented candles. After the house is clean, then you can spray air freshener and put camphor in the corners of the room.

2. The entry of pests or vicious animals
Houses that are left dirty and smelly after a flood can cause other problems such as the humid atmosphere. This then invites the entry of disturbing pests or vicious animals that threaten the safety of you and your family. A former flood that is not immediately cleaned will invite cockroaches, rats, and mosquitoes into the house and bring various problems regarding cleanliness. Not to mention, the humid atmosphere is a breeding ground favored by animals such as snakes or crocodiles that are found by many residents during major floods.

3. Carrying various diseases
House that is dirty and damp, has the risk of causing germs that can attack you and your family. You can get dengue fever, diarrhea due to disturbed sanitation and house hygiene, leptospirosis, respiratory infections, to skin diseases. You need a lot of energy to restore your house after the flood. Do not add to the problem for yourself and others when you fall ill.

4. Threaten the safety of the occupants of the house
Slippery floors added with mud on the surface of the floor, endangering residents if not immediately cleaned. If not careful, it is not impossible for you or other family members can slip and fall. Not to mention the other dangers that lurk like hit by large furniture that is damaged and weathered due to being submerged in water for a long time. Likewise, sharp objects such as pieces of wood or glass carried when flooding into the house. Therefore, cleaning the house as soon as possible after the flood should be done. Do not procrastinate even though you and your family are still tired from the floods that hit.
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