May 10, 2021

5 Tips Before Choosing Property Investment

Hadapsar Annexe

What to think about when buying a house or apartment for living in Shapoorji Hadapsar Annexe? Many people rely solely on the issue of price in choosing to buy housing. Many other things must be considered before buying a residence.

Prospective property buyers and investors should do some research before deciding, simple research is needed to understand the main factors in purchasing and ensure that the property’s acquisition price is by the market price. Extra patience is required. Even if you’ve spent hours looking at property listings, you may end up needing guidance.

The following are 5 smart tips in determining the right property investment:

1. Location
The main factor affecting the demand and value of a property is located. The property location must be able to provide easy access, comfort, and security.

2. Developer’s reputation
Renowned developers will maintain the reputation and trust of consumers by delivering properties on time, and according to the quality promised.

3. Series of facilities
A good property must be able to provide various facilities that can support the lifestyle and welfare of its residents. Other factors that you and your family need to consider are the presence of privacy, tranquility, and security. Some of the facilities including dual private lifts, large green spaces, integrated commercial areas, children’s playgrounds, and other sports facilities, make life experiences more meaningful.

4. Determine the best time to invest
Investing in property is about increasing the value of assets. In Indonesia, property values tend to increase over time. This is the reason why buying a property at the right time is so important. Analyzing and predicting market demand and supply will help you get the best property to invest in.

5. Observe Long-Term and Manage Risks
Real estate is an investment that requires large capital, provides opportunities for recurring income and an increase in asset value (capital gains). However, real estate moves in cycles. Look for buying opportunities as the cycle drops to maximize your profits. Observe real estate developments on a long-term basis.