May 10, 2021

About Me

It’s About My Random Blog

Hello My name is Janie Duerksen and I am the founder, owner and editor at IAV 2013! If you have read some of my articles already, you probably wonder why there’s no certain topic that becomes the focus of this article. Well, if you say that my blog is too random, then you are correct! The randomness of my blog is made by design and not accidental! Really! Just try to browse on the posts on my blog again, and check it out for yourself. There isn’t any single topic that becomes the main focus of this blog, and you can blame me for that. So if you ask why this blog is so random, it’s because I want people to visit a refreshing blog for once in a while.

As you can expect on other blogs, they have a single topic which becomes the main menu of their blog. It’s true that you can get a deep understanding about a certain topic if you read articles on those types of blog, however, there’s a major downside about a blog which focuses only on a single topic. It’s BORING! It can be quite boring if you read one topic over and over again, even for the ones that you like! So if you are interested to find a unique article, there’s a chance that you might stumble upon one when you visit this blog of mine.

Furthermore, by reading the articles on my blog, it’s obvious that you can learn about a lot of things. From technology to home maintenance tips. You will be able to read so many different articles here. Furthermore, it’s always refreshing to find out that the next article is completely not related to the previous one at all. Furthermore, you will be able to expand your field of knowledge about various things without having to be bored by the same single topic over and over. That’s why if you don’t mind with the randomness of my blog, then you are welcome to stay here to read my articles, and I also encourage you to leave a comment, a constructive one, and share my articles that you like to your friends!