June 21, 2021

Ball Screw Damage

A ball screw is an ideal product that converts rotational motion into linear motion or converts linear motion into rotational motion. A ball screw is the most commonly used tool of mechanical transmission components and precision machining, its main function is to convert rotary motion into linear motion or force-torque to axial repeatedly, both characteristics of high precision, high efficiency, and reversibility. Because of its small friction resistance, the ball screw is widely used in various precision equipment and instrument industries. But this part is also prone to damage without proper maintenance and to replace it will cost you more than to use superior ball screw repair service. So, make sure to repair it to the professional.

There are many types of errors in the ball screw, some mistakes are gradual failures, there must be a development process, with increasing use of more and more serious time; sometimes a sudden failure, generally does not have clear signs of sudden, this failure is a variety of unfavorable factors and the resulting external interactions. Therefore, the correct test to determine the cause of real errors is the premise of fast and accurate maintenance. If the indicator dial measures the screw in the ball screw forward and reverses rotation the pointer swing does not, that there is no screw movement.

The indicator dial measures the difference between the maximum and minimum values ​​which are the axial distance of the screw. At this point, we will check whether the bearing back bearing support is locked, whether the bearing is worn out or not, whether the preload washer bearing is suitable or not. If the bearing is OK, just re-load the pre-loaded gasket. If the bearing is damaged, the bearing needs to be replaced, re-loaded with the pre-load washer, and then supported again. The axial movement of the lead screw depends mainly on the accuracy of the bearing preload. The most ideal condition of the accuracy of the installation of screw rods is that there is no positive and negative clearance, and the support bearings must be about 0.02mm interference.