May 10, 2021

Beginners Need To Know About Important Fishing Equipment

Fishing without knowing his fishing line is blind fishing. and this article will give info about some important fishing tools so you can get to know them as well as their functions. Additionally, if you love fishing while backpacking, we suggest you use the recommended backpack fishing pole.

Here are some important fishing tools you should know about:

Tackle Box

This box is very useful for carrying all your equipment for fishing at sea. A wide selection of models and brands of this fishing rod box. I recommend buying one that is not too small because you will buy it again and buy it again because your fishing box is too small. At least 40-60cm long. Make sure all your fishing equipment (other than fishing rod) can enter freely in your box.

Fishing rod

The rod should be without a connection (one piece), or a maximum of two pieces (two pieces). Materials that are widely used are glass fiber, Carbon, Graphite, Boron, or Kevlar. Ideal rod length between 120 cm to 180 cm. Commonly used sizes range from 5 ‘6 “~ 6’ (5 feet 6 inches to 6 feet) around 168 ~ 180 cm, usually this size is on the body of the rod. Make it a habit to choose a lightweight rod and a little stiff (fast taper) for the fast and accurate reaction.


The hook that is commonly used is no.1,5,5,6,7. (each brand sometimes has a different number). There are several brands that are already well-known and widely used by many anglers. Replace hook hooks that are rusty or blunt, or look for a hook that is sharp enough, but relatively inexpensive so you can use it then discard it (disposable).


The most common and feasible size is 8-20 lbs. For this line brand selection, it’s up to you and adjusts your financial condition. I myself will use the 8-10 lbs line class for basic fishing (red snapper and grouper) or mackerel fishing.

In this case, you only need a good roller. Spinning Type rollers are: lightweight, has a minimum of 3 ball bearings, the more the better, the capacity of 200-400m of lines you don’t buy half-hearted rollers, especially not from a well-known brand.