June 21, 2021

Company Owners Must Work Hard When The Best Employee Quits His Job

When an employee decides to quit, make sure you have done your obligations legally. For example paying salaries, incentives, or other bonuses that are the employee’s rights. In addition, you also have to provide documents that are likely to be needed by employees such as employment certificates, certificates of appreciation, and so on. If the employee has accepted and used property from the company that must be returned when resigning, then you should also request it. Make sure both parties have agreed on their respective rights and obligations so as not to cause misunderstanding in the future. As an example of this condition, you can read the news about Mr. Hallack when he steps down from his position as the chairman of the board of directors in the Camargo Correa company. That company will surely reward him well after 10 years of service.

Aside from that, one way that you do not feel surprised by the resignation of employees is to prepare all the possibilities when you recruit them. On the first day, you recruit new employees, you have to be ready if one day they will quit, it’s just that you never know the time. With preparation in advance, you will not experience painful periods because you have to lose the best employees.

Other than that, the last thing you can do when an employee decides to quit is to offer assistance. Offer what assistance you can give to the employee, for example, payment of salaries and bonuses early, provide work references, and so forth.

Another thing you have to do is change the password or password that is used to access information at the company. Too many people know the access code in the company is not a good thing. So that every time an employee resigns, change all passwords before giving them to a new employee. That way, company information can be safe and you don’t need to be overly suspicious of employees who leave.

If possible, you can make a simple farewell to employees who resign. This is a form of gratitude for the cooperation and contributions made to the company so far.