May 10, 2021

Consider This Before Making A Swimming Pool At Home

Maybe the desire to have a private swimming pool at home has been your dream since childhood. However, before starting to make it behind the house, consider some things. No wonder that once you feel comfortable and the land at home can still be used to build a swimming pool, you want to make it happen — at least a tiny pond. However, before solidifying your plans, this is the consideration in building a swimming pool. Not only the external beauty of the swimming pool, but the physical condition of the swimming pool must also be considered. For adult swimming pools, the water depth is 1.4 meters to 2 meters. You can combine the two by creating a ramp to separate the depths. If you have children at home, the recommended water depth is about 0.5 meters.

Water and the circulation system also have their effect. Make a water overflow or spill at the side of the pool, to add to a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Alternatively, you can use stone temples that are stacked on top of the edge of the overflow. You also have to pay attention to the state of the pool water when it is used. Is it a little cloudy due to oil from lotion, hair, or even skin that is left in the water? Just throw a tennis ball in the water, and the fibers will immediately absorb the remaining oil. Unique way, right? Make sure the water quality in your house is clear enough, so you don’t have to bother filtering it so that the pool water is clean. If the water quality is not that good — for example, it can’t be clear because your house was a rice field in the past — you should give up your wish.

It is undeniable that the existence of a swimming pool will add to the aesthetic value of your home, especially if the swimming coma is well maintained. A swimming pool can add value to the sale of the house when you want to resell it. However, make sure you sell it to the right person because not all home buyers expect a swimming pool. Many consider the swimming pool to be wasteful. The next important thing to consider is the level of the floor surface. Try to keep the pool height not higher than the pool deck.