June 21, 2021

Do This Tips When Your Camera Fall Into Water

Water is, of course, a dangerous element for electronic devices, one of which is a digital camera. Especially now the camera is not seen as a luxury item, pocket camera for the traveler just has become the obligation to get a more serious photo than using the camera on the smartphone. Moreover, DSLR cameras. Each electronics has its own way of dealing with the water not getting into the components inside. Therefore, the water easily damages these components and can lead to a camera that does not work. If you experience the incident of dropping your camera into water, be it DSLR, mirror, pocket or camera phone, follow these steps:

– Immediately Take Your Camera As Fast As Possible
When you take your camera into the water, make sure you pay attention to your safety. Your safety means more than your camera goes into the water. Take your camera into the water as soon as you realize your camera has soaked.

– Immediately Unplug Battery
Unplug your battery immediately by opening the battery cover on your camera. This step is to stop the flow of electricity between electronic devices in your camera. This method is also to avoid damage to electronic components in your camera. Remember that water is a very good conductor.

– See the Water Types About Your Camera
If your camera is exposed to seawater, then rinse immediately with fresh water. Seawater can cause corrosion in a very short time, this is not good news for you. If indeed your camera goes into the water completely, then do it quickly soak-lift-wag your camera to make the seawater disappear from your camera.

– Find the Shade
If you are under the hot sun, immediately take shelter. This is done to make your camera not exposed to the sun’s heat. The heat of the sun will vaporize the water that is in your camera. Evaporation of water inside your camera will make the water dispersion in your camera will be wider and progressing to the smallest part.