June 21, 2021

Fundamental Watercolor Painting

Have you ever experienced or seen someone while looking at a painting and thinking, “Can I do that”? Or maybe think, “I wish I could do it.” By joining this short course program and a little talent and will, you can turn desires into reality. Drawing is fundamental and important for all fields of art. Drawing is important in watercolors, so an artist needs to plan well in the paper to be painted. With a good plan in general, the painting will be more successful. Any type of painting can be used for beginners. But there are some considerations and reasons that you can use as a benchmark for choosing painting equipment. Oil painting techniques for beginners with water mediums are probably the easiest to apply for beginners. The character dries quickly and simply uses water to mix and clean the equipment.

It is suitable for those who do not like complicated and want to finish the painting in a short time. Another character of water-based paint is that it does not have a pungent odor. So it is safe to use indoors. Compared to oil paints, acrylic paint has more color variants. Especially pastel and fluorescent colors. These colors are very difficult to find in oil paints, except for mixing themselves. The quality of paint is generally distinguished from the amount of pigment used. The more pigmented it is compared to the mixing material, the better the color quality. And of course, the price will be more expensive. Before you buy paint, first make sure what quality you want to buy. So that we can find out why there are significant price differences in each color and brand.

As a painter, you will need a palette to mix the colors of the paint. Usually, professionals often use pallets made of porcelain. Kinds like this are good enough to blend colors. However, as a beginner, you only need to use a white flat plastic plate. Besides being easily obtained, the price is also more affordable.