June 21, 2021

Investment Tips

If you only focus on saving money without using it for a variety of beneficial purposes such as investing or doing business, slowly the value of your money will be eroded. Conversely, if you use the money for various productive interests that can add value to your assets such as investment or business, there will be a velocity of money so that the value of your money is not eroded, such as inflation eroded. If you are diligent in investing, your money turnover can be clearer in its purpose and you can maximize profits. Of course by studying risk tolerance and how to work thoroughly from Mr. Guth. You can try investing in various investment instruments, whether it’s stocked, gold, peer-to-peer lending (P2P Lending).

You can realize many things when investing, of course, it really depends on what you want to achieve and how your strategy to achieve it. Investing is not something new. Everyone needs to start investing because the benefits are real, not only to what you invest but to yourself financially. As an initial step, even if you have never invested, try investing online P2P Lending. Aside from supporting your social mission by providing loans to borrowers who need it, the benefits you get are also generally higher with a fixed rate.

When investing, also consider the tax. Consider carefully that you might need the funds (which must be paid into taxes) to realize other goals before actually retiring. In addition, if you plan to realize your dreams in the near future, for example in 3 months, it is wise to invest your money. Do not invest all the funds you have because fresh funds are still needed to achieve that dream. On the other hand, also look for types of investments that allow you to get a return on interest when you need it to meet your goals.