June 21, 2021

List of Characters in the Bloodshot Film

Bloodshot is an adaptation of Valiant Comics. Who are the characters? Come to know them! If you want to watch this movie, you can go to 123 movies.

– Ray Garrison / Bloodshot
Bloodshot aka Ray Garrison is a former soldier with the power of regeneration and meta-morphing made possible through nanites injected into his blood by Dr. Emil Harting, hence the name Bloodshot. Bloodshot blood flow contains one billion nanobots, allowing it to recover from injury quickly, interact with technology, and change the shape of the mass. This character is played by Vin Diesel.

– Dr. Emil Harting
Next is Dr. Emil Harting, played by Guy Pearce. He is a scientist and leader of RST corporation. He created the technology in the body of Bloodshot and other super warriors. Dr. Emil Harting also has a bionic hand that is used as a remote.

– KT
Then there is the KT character played by Eiza González. KT is a former swimming athlete who was saved by Dr. Emil Harting by providing a breathing apparatus and being superhuman. The character in this Bloodshot film helps Ray find out who he is.

– Jimmy Dalton
The character in the next Bloodshot movie is Jimmy Dalton, played by Sam Heughan. Jimmy is also one of Dr. superhuman Emil Harting, he got two bionic legs. His action against Bloodshot will steal the show.

– Wilfred Wigans
Next there is a tech expert named Wilfred Wigans played by Lamorne Morris. He appeared humorous in this film, of course Wilfred became a character in the film Bloodshot, which enlivened the atmosphere.

– Tibbs
Finally there is the character Tibbs, he is one of the super-soldiers of the RST corporation. Played by Alex Hernandez, Tibss is equipped with sophisticated tools in his eyes that can see in all directions.