June 21, 2021

Microtransactions: The Thin Balance Between Happy And Angry Gamers

Microtransactions. Every gamer has heard about this term for a few decades back. Although it’s non-existent in the era of old Nintendo games back in the 80s, it’s almost everywhere in the gaming industry these days. At first, video game companies love to show their love to the gamers, which is obviously their costumers by adding bonus contents once they’ve finished their games. However, these contents are getting less and less day by day, and now they even want us to throw more of our money for the game that we have bought beforehand.

Without the active gamers and gaming YouTubers who are against the shady practices of microtransaction these days, the greed of those higher-ups in the gaming industry will lose control, and they will milk the gamers without mercy. We understand that gaming companies need to make money in order to survive and thrive. However, they can’t just force us gamers to throw money at them without anything beneficial and entertaining for us in return.

Here are the two sides of the coin in applying microtransactions in the gaming industry:

The Bad Side:

1, Making the cash item affect the gameplay and competition in multiplayer games.
2. Selling unfinished games intentionally, and then sell the complete part of the game by charging more money to the gamers.
3. Adding a gambling system which forces the player to gamble their fortune in order to get the real good stuff in the game.

Gamers hate the things above, and if you don’t want your company to be seen as an evil company in this industry, then don’t try those bad implementations of microtransaction in your business.

On the other hand, here is the good side of microtransaction:

1. The cash items in competitive multiplayer games are only cosmetics, or their effects are deactivated during ranked matches.
2. Sell additional contents as a meaningful expansion of the game instead of selling unfinished games.
3. Never add a gambling system in your game, unless if it’s for cosmetics that won’t affect the gameplay too much.

If you do the good microtransaction, not only gamers will love your company and games, but you will also make more profits at the same time, while your company’s reputation is also getting bigger and better.