June 21, 2021

Mix And Match Is Important In Fashion

Looking good is always everyone’s dream, both men and women. Many people think that looking good and cool is always expensive because they have to use fancy clothes at an expensive price. Though the assumption is not entirely correct. Expensive or cheap it depends on each preference. You can still be looking good and stylish without having to be expensive. What you need are creativity and foresight. That is exactly why I made this blog. I don’t think I know fashion with all my heart I just like to mix and match what is comfortable and looks nice.

Smart to choose in mix and match with matching accessories is what I do. Accessories that are in harmony with your clothes can also be maximized to make your appearance look more eye-catching. You see, clothes that are too plain will give an ordinary impression. Maybe you can look better with a necklace, bracelet, watch or traditional accessories. I just mix and match everything until I satisfied with the result before I took the photo to show you guys.

Prioritize buying and buying clothes based on comfort and material, not from the brand or place where the clothes are sold. For those of you who want to look cool without being expensive, start not to always focus on expensive brands. You also have to change your habits for shopping at boutiques or in malls, which will certainly sell goods at exorbitant prices. In essence, you buy clothes made from nice and comfortable. You can also look for motifs that are elegant and similar to clothes sold in malls. I would rather have three or four items that look ‘ordinary’ than one fine dress with the same price tag because I will have more to experiment.

Take advantage of your relatives or close friends for the occasional barter of clothes or accessories. If you have relatives or friends who are the same age, posture similar to you or have the same taste in fashion, it doesn’t hurt you to use them for clothing lending. So, you don’t always have to buy new clothes, right? I always love the shirts my dad is wearing, the jacket my sisters own and my mother scarfs and believe me that combination is almost always how I go out.