June 21, 2021

Modern Harmonious Musical Instrument

Usually, modern musical instruments exist through pop, classical, jazz, blues and others. Some modern harmonious musical instruments are piano (pianist), harp (harpist), guitar (guitarist), and others. How to play the instrument varies according to the material used to make the instrument. The following explanation:

1. Piano

Musical instruments with black and whiteboards are often played in bands, played solo, or orchestras. Today the piano has developed into a keyboard and electric piano. In playing the piano, the musician simply presses the keys (black and whiteboard), then the mechanism inside the body of the piano that will sound the notes.

2. Guitar

The guitar is a very popular musical instrument in the world. Shaped like the number 8 with a long neck and guitar head that has a player to adjust the string strength. The guitar consists of 6 strings made of nylon or string (wire). The sound produced by the guitar comes from string vibrations which then resonate in the air cavity in the body of the guitar.

3. Marimba

Marimba is a percussion instrument made of wood, with a resonator pipe under the wooden beam. This instrument is played by being hit with a mallet coated with rubber or yarn. The arrangement of the notes on the marimba is almost the same as that of the piano, except that the wooden blocks of the marimba are arranged two levels to separate the standard and chromatic tones. Marimba is played solo, duet (in 1 marimba there are two players), orchestra, and marching band.

4. Harmonica

This harmonious musical instrument is played by blowing and suction. The shape of the instrument is simple, only a block with a small hole in one of the long blocks. Harmonica is often played in bands with country, solo, ensemble, and other music groups.

5. Harp

Harp is a musical instrument that is played by picking. The number of harp strings ranges from 22 to 47 pieces depending on the size of the harp. The large harp is played by leaning the harp over the shoulder, while the player is seated. While a small harp can be played with the position on the lap by the harpist.