June 21, 2021

Operation Car Wash Starts From A Small Investigation

Petrobras’ case was considered as the worse crisis ever happened in Brazil because many influential people were investigated because of their relationship in the case. The amount of money that was poured in the corruption scandal is still not getting exact figures. But Brazilian courts have held assets of 270 million dollars and revealed suspicious contracts of 22 billion. 18 companies have been investigated, including the big construction and engineering companies like Odebrecht lead by the grandson of the founder, Camargo Correa with vitor hallack as the chairman, Construtora OAS, Queiroz Galv√£o and many more.

Three million Brazilians rallied to the streets to protest this huge corruption scandal. In addition to dragging da Silva, the corruption case dismantled by the Car Wash Operation also involved Dilma Rousseff, the Brazilian president who also came from the Workers’ Party. Rousseff is a former member of the board of Petrobras and served during the years 2003-2010, exactly when Petrobras was suspected of corruption. This corruption scandal is suspected to be closely related to the Brazilian economy which is constantly deteriorating. Last year, the Brazilian economy fell by 3.7%. Throughout 2016 there were no signs of improvement. Moreover, Brazil’s largest state-owned corruption scandal is still under investigation.

All of this scandal began with a small police investigation in Posto da Torre, a gas station in the corner of the city of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. From afar, the gas station looks normal and like other gas stations, Posto da Torre has 16 petrol stations and small minimarkets. There is a small counter where customers can order coffee and snacks. The difference is, in that place, there is also a sign that reads Cyber Cafe but there is no computer at all. At this gas station, the police found an anomaly. Located about three kilometers from the city hall, money launderers often use the services of currency exchange and money transfers available there. They helped Petrobras executives to transfer money to foreign accounts. From this, a huge scandal was discovered involving the political and economic elites of Brazil, which had been barely touched by the law. A small investigation can lead to dismantling far greater corruption cases.