May 10, 2021

Simple Guide To Sell Your Properties Fast With Better Profit

Just like the process of buying a home, the process of selling a home reaps the most reward when the correct initial steps are taken early on in the process in order to benefit the overall transaction. Since selling a home is an important life step that requires some attention to detail please consider the general timeline outlined below. We are experts at listing homes it is our profession and something we deal with on a daily basis. So please feel free to use a guide for home sellers to your advantage as a guide along your process to success.

The most important mind set to take when listing a home is the notion of being realistic about the current market and the condition of your home. In no other stage will taking a realistic mindset be more profitable than while pricing your home. More often than not asking too much for your home will ultimately get you less than your desired profit from the sale. The first step to take in doing your homework is to find out how long properties in your neighborhood are taking to sell, and determine why. If properties are taking a long time to sell is it just the current market or is the property overpriced? Check out what properties like yours have recently sold for in your neighborhood. Figure out who your buyers market is and reach out to them. These steps are all included in a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), something I do for each of my clients. We then sit down and I share with them what I find, together we determine a listing price for their home that will achieve the best results possible. Pricing your home right at the start will get you the most for your investment. During the entire process remember to consider your buyer.

There are four key factors that become a guide for home sellers: pricing, location, condition, and exposure. Savvy buyers are constantly on the lookout for new listings. Getting it right on all four points from the start will make all of the difference in the sale of your home. You can expect one of three things to happen once your home is on the open market. You may see no offers from buyers at all, multiple offers, or a single offer. Take each situation seriously and act accordingly. You can always reevaluate your next move given the quality of offers you receive.

Obviously each real estate transaction comes with its own unique qualities and points to consider. These steps are meant to be a general sneak peek into what to expect and consider. Please contact me for specific counsel that addresses your unique property so that I can help you obtain success with your transaction!