May 10, 2021

Strengthen Building Foundation Easily

As one of the most important parts of a building, the foundation needs to have the strength to support the building. Adding a floor to the existing building without proper care to the foundation could be dangerous. Because depending on the soil, maybe the foundation is only a local concrete foundation, even though for loads such as adding floors, it requires a pile foundation/drill pile foundation. But the problem with dismantling the foundation is the same as dismantling the entire structure of the building. So that there is another solution, namely strengthening the building structure with underpinning method. You could use underpinning services in Melbourne to help you fix the problem. In the case of additional building floors, what needs to be strengthened is the foundation structure and the building column.

From a reference project, the foundation reinforcement is made by making a new, stronger foundation on top of the old foundation so that it doesn’t disturb the old foundation. For example, if a 2-story building with local foundations will be made into a 4-storey building that requires a bor pile foundation, it can be borne around the existing foundation and the pile cap on the existing foundation (as shown). But the new foundation reinforcement must continue until it penetrates the column structure. Reinforcement concrete columns can be done by enlarging the column dimensions and adding reinforcing bars. The blanket of the existing concrete column is punched until it meets the existing reinforcement, add new reinforcement, then cast it with grouting material instead of ordinary concrete. For new reinforcement must continue upward through the existing slab.

What if there is a break due to this collapsing foundation? The solution is that the foundation must be inserted next to the old foundation. The foundation insert can be connected with the foundation reinforcement at both ends. Then add more concrete piles or drill piles as support. With this method, the old foundation will no longer be used, but it also doesn’t need to be dismantled.