May 10, 2021

Test To Know STD

Sexually Transmitted Disease or sexually transmitted disease is an infection that is transmitted through sexual contact. Well, rarely do symptoms accompany this disease. There are at least four types of tests that are commonly done to test for STDs. These tests are carried out according to the complaints you have. Usually, just one test is enough to find out an STD, but in some cases, more than 1 test is required. You can do the test on

The first test is a physical test. The physical test is done by looking at your physical condition, which means that the medical officer or doctor will see the condition of your genitals. They will look for rashes, genital discharge, test for pain, or warts. The second is a blood test. It could be that you will cut your skin to get a blood sample. The third test can be done by taking a sample of your urine. Usually, you will be asked to collect your urine in a cup. Try not to touch the urine, or you will have to do it again. Finally, the excretion test. In this test, the disease will be tested by observing your waste products such as genital fluid, suspected infected tissue, cells, and saliva samples. The test is done under a microscope.

The incubation period is the first between infection and initial symptoms can vary from two days to weeks depending on the type of infection. Generally, STDs like HIV, hepatitis B, and syphilis are best diagnosed by a blood test. Those who present with genital pain or discharge are best diagnosed with a discharge culture, taking an endocervical (female) swab or a urethral swab (male). Some blood tests for antibodies can tell you if you have been infected before but cannot be used to diagnose acute infection. Prevention is available for certain STDs, for example, Hepatitis B can be effectively prevented by immunization, HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) with HPV vaccination.