June 22, 2021

The Basics Of Fast Learning English

Learning to speak English requires a long time and a lot of effort, to reach the level a1 english test. Not only that, it also requires great determination in learning. Because fluent in English has many benefits, one of which is becoming easier to get a job. However, starting from the bottom would be better. Here are the basics of learning English:

1. Learn the Tenses

Because understanding tenses are the most basic thing in learning English, it is not strange if tenses are on the first page or chapter in an English learning book. If you have mastered and understood all the tenses, you can say that you have mastered English as much as 60%.

2. Listening

One way to quickly learn English is to get used to listening to words in English. The more you are familiar with the vocabulary you are listening to, the easier it will be for you to learn it. So it is highly recommended that you watch conversational videos or listen to English songs.

3. Reading

By reading a few texts or sentences in English, it will make you more sensitive to the structure of words formed in English. From there you will learn about the many vocabularies in English. Moreover, you will get new vocabulary words just by reading English texts.

4. Writing

After understanding tenses in English, listening to English sentences and reading English sentences, the next is to put them into practice.

5. Speaking

By speaking in English, you will always be familiar with foreign words that may be difficult for laymen to say. Although slowly, if often practised, it will make your speaking skills sound fluent like Caucasians.

Well, that’s the basics of learning English that you can apply at home or anywhere. But remember, the most important thing is not the basics of learning English, but your willingness to learn and practice.