June 21, 2021

The Eternal Palace Mythic Boost – A small sacrifice to achieve your glorious pursuits

Ready to reach the pinnacle of PvE content without a guild or static? You can do so with the Eternal Palace Mythic Boost! We’ve got raid groups ready to take on this exciting adventure and deliver you the successful 8/8 raid run.

Mythic difficulty raids are never a joke. We don’t need to point out that Azshara was a pain in the rump for many top guilds for quite a while because of her hectic mechanics. And many decent guilds can still easily get stuck on bosses like Lady Ashvane or Za’qul! But if you purchase this service, our sellers will help you storm through place like it’s no harder for them than Heroic mode. What you gain is a heap of achievements for killing the highest difficulty bosses and a chance at obtaining the most powerful gear currently available. Be sure to stock up on reroll coins before you go!

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