May 10, 2021

The Reasons To Watch Movies Like A Cinema At Home

As you know that the corona outbreak is sweeping the world today, one of the policies to tackle its spread so that the case does not increase, the government here is closing cinemas and entertainment venues. Of course, this does not mean breaking the habit of watching movies with couples and family members when the weekend arrives. Finally, one way to spend time staying at home is to watch movies like a cinema at home like watching streaming on free movie streaming. It’s not necessary to have a home theater to be able to watch movies at home. Provided that we can do joint activities at home for mutual safety and comfort, so we can be protected from unwanted things such as the unexpected spread of Covid-19. Here are 2 reasons that show that watching movies at home is better.

First, more intimate and intimate with a partner and other family members. The presence of gadgets, online games, and social media, etc. makes each of us can dissolve in their respective activities at home. Not to mention if each other has different hobbies. there’s nothing wrong with sitting on a comfortable sofa at home and choosing to watch a movie together. ‘Cinema-Therapy’ is a term given by marriage counselors as a way to increase intimacy with a marriage partner. Another social observer stated that the right film, which explores discussion and family themes will have a positive impact on family relations.

Second, free to determine the desired film. watching a movie at home gives freedom to determine the desired film. For example, cartoons and family-themed films can be played back to fill the free time of children while at home. Choosing the desired film at home also allows parents to select films that suit their needs. For example, films for children in puberty are certainly no longer cartoon films, but teenage films that educate.