June 22, 2021

These Are Important Early Steps In A Furnace Cleaning Process

After the last firewood is lit, wait at least until the next morning. Wear old clothes and a pair of gloves, because you will touch a substance that is somewhat toxic. Durable leather gloves are good, but it’s still better to give preference to rubber gloves. You may take a few newspapers and place them on the floor of the furnace, positioned so they climb the furnace wall a few centimeters. In this newspaper will fall soot, which you will remove. Additionally, if you can’t do it on your own, you may call the trusted Furnace cleaning services near your area.

Protect your furniture carpet and floor, cover it with cheap plastic wrap. Also, carry large trash that can be covered with at least two plastic bags.

Hold your hand over the ashes to check the remaining heat. If the fire is strong, feel ash with poker or a spade for the furnace. Remove the furnace or the iron firewood holder in the furnace and take them to the street where you will clean them later. Gently take the ashes into a metal bucket or use a vacuum cleaner.

Check the chimney. Take a flashlight, kneel down and check the chimney right into the air vent, which usually looks like a small metal door at the very top of the chimney. This hole is most likely controlled by a metal lever. Hit it, and if the door is sliding, you will know that you are looking at a vent. This hole must remain open until you clean everything. You will almost certainly see soot – brown or black deposits. If the light from the flashlight falls on dry material, which is cracked by touch, has a layered layer and hardened black sediment, then you have created creosote, and this is the time to get rid of it.

Begin to scrape. The best brush for removing creosote and soot is a round metal brush for cleaning chimneys. You should buy a brush that is 2.5 cm larger than the vent. You also need to buy one or two flexible poles so you can push the brush past the entire length of the chimney and clean it completely.