May 10, 2021

These Decorative Plants Can Improve The Air In Your House

Houses filled with plants will usually feel cooler. The reason is that plants release oxygen through photosynthesis. Besides being good for improving air quality, plants can also enhance your home. Usually, the types of plants that are utilized are ornamental plants. Meanwhile, if you decide to plant peace lily at home, we suggest you read the best tips for peace lilly care.

Based on NASA research in 1989, there are some ordinary ornamental plants that can actually remove carcinogenic chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde from the air. More than that, a house was overgrown with many plants around it can reduce stress and improve the mood of the occupants of the house.

This is an ornamental plant that brings many benefits:


Research from the American Society of Horticultural Science in 2010 revealed that fern plants can remove more formaldehyde. However, this plant is quite fussy, so the level of humidity must be considered properly. If necessary, fern can be watered every day.

Palm trees

All types of palm trees are a good choice for improving air quality. But try to grow palm trees at temperatures of 15-23 ° C.

Rubber Fig and Janet Craigs

Lack of sun exposure might make plants die. But don’t be sad, there are plants that can grow with little sun and provide many benefits. The plants are Rubber Fig and Janet Craig.

Peace lily

One of the few ornamental plants that will bloom indoors is the peace lily. Plants with shell-shaped leaves can reduce room temperature so that it feels cooler. Peace lilies also have a high level of transpiration that will humidify the air. However, be careful. Because the leaves of this plant can be poisonous to pets and children.

Betel ivory

This one creeper is often found in homes. Ivory betel can grow easily, tolerates a lot of neglect such as little sunlight, and is not a problem if too much doused with water.

Ivi Leaf

Like betel ivory, Ivi leaf plants also grow spread. This plant acts as a topiary and is used for decorative elements in the home. Ivi leaves grow in the shade and occasionally require a little watering.