May 10, 2021

These Records Must Exist In Your Bookkeeping

If you want your business to be organized and continue to grow so as to generate a lot of profit, it is really important to make simple bookkeeping that can help you know the conditions of your business and determine desired targets. Simple bookkeeping is a process of recording carried out regularly to collect financial data and information. This financial record includes assets, liabilities, capital, income, and costs, as well as the total acquisition and delivery price of goods or services. Then it can be closed by making a financial statement in the form of a balance sheet and income statement for the period. If you want your bookkeeping process to be handled by professionals, we suggest you call the bookkeeper eastern suburbs.

Simple bookkeeping consists of several types of records that you can make easily, such as:

1. Bookkeeping Cash Notes

Also called a cash book, this type of bookkeeping is a combination of records of expenditure and income transactions. Making bookkeeping is very easy. You just need to write down all the income and expenses that occur in your business activities. Income and expenses in a business are very important to note, so you can more easily plan for business capital returns, targets, sales, and others. You can record sales revenue, purchases of raw material purchases, operational activities, administration, employee salaries, and others in this cash book every month.

2. Bookkeeping Inventories

This inventory is closely related to sales because when there is a sale, you must be able to ensure that the product is available. Bookkeeping inventory can also be used to avoid fraud committed by employees and suppliers. Moreover, if you have a large amount of inventory and business sales transactions.

3. Bookkeeping Inventory of Goods

This type of bookkeeping contains a record of every item or asset that you own and that you buy. By compiling a book inventory of goods, you can maintain or supervise so that your business assets are controlled, can even increase, and so that nothing is lost. This bookkeeping will also make it easier for you to check items and carry out mutations or deletions of goods.