June 21, 2021

This Is Because Your Credit Card Declined

You may have experienced something unpleasant when using your credit card at a what companies take paypal credit, such as a failed transaction. Before using a credit card, it’s a good idea to check the charge limit on your credit card so that something like this happens. There are several reasons why credit card transactions are declined:

1. Expired Card
The first reason a credit card is refused when a transaction is that your card has expired. Yup, every credit card has an expiry period, and usually, it’s printed on the card.

Please contact your card issuing bank one month before the expiry period. Even so, usually 1 week before the expiration period, the bank will send a replacement card to its customers. Although sometimes customers do not pay too much attention because they are usually sent in plain envelopes.

2. Late Paying Bills
The second reason your credit card transaction is declined is that the issuing bank cancels your credit card. There are many reasons for banks to do this, although usually more due to problems with payments.

The bank does not hesitate to cancel your card if there are arrears within a certain period. This provision does depend on each card issuer. There are those who deactivate the customer’s card even though it is only too late to pay the bill.

– Call the customer care section of your credit card issuer. Ask how much you have to pay for the card to be reactivated.

– If you have a good payment history or have a strong enough reason for the delay, in fact, you can ask for a statement free of charges for late payment fees. For example medical emergencies.

3. Using the Chip Card the Wrong Way
It takes time to get used to a new chip card. Some chip card readers do not accept debit or credit chip cards when you try to swipe a magnetic strip. Card rejects can also occur when you remove a chip card before a command appears on the screen.

Try again the payment process again.

4. Transaction Over Limit
The next reason that makes a credit card declined during a transaction is if you have transacted more than the limit.

Of course, avoid over-limit use. Because this is very detrimental to you. In addition to no longer being able to transact, you will also be charged other costs which are quite troublesome.