June 22, 2021

This Is The Authentic Mexican Drink

Mexico not only has delicious food and is hunted by tourists. However, for drink lovers, Mexico has a type of popular drink that will be hunted by tourists. The drink is actually a drink that is used for just relaxing or chatting. Almost all places in Mexico provide this drink as a complement to the meal. It’s easy to find these drinks in Mexico and Mexican restaurant because this drink is a favorite drink of Mexican citizens when you’re with friends to chat. So that this drink will become a mandatory beverage dish that should not be passed away to be enjoyed. Especially for friends to relax when at the dining table or are relaxing together with family.

Mexico’s favorite drink is a margarita cocktail. This drink is an alcoholic beverage that is loved by the people of Mexico. Although it is said to be an alcoholic drink, the flavor of the margarita cocktail is very fresh and not sharp at all. Because the basic ingredient of a margarita cocktail is tequila mixed with lime. There are several types of margarita cocktails. There is a margarita that has a blue color. This blue color usually comes from blue curacao. While other types depending on the mixture. Fresh fruit juices are usually used as a mixture to make margaritas. So it’s no wonder the taste of margaritas is very fresh and not too heavy for the size of alcoholic drinks.

Fruit juice that is usually used as a mixture can vary according to taste. Some choose to use orange flavoring or orange juice as a margarita mixture they make. Usually to get a fresh and mild taste, the amount of mixture of fruit juice used is more when compared to the amount of tequila used as the main ingredient for making margaritas. This drink is very delicious when taken with ice cubes mixed. Cold drinks like this are very suitable as a friend to eat snacks during the summer. Fresh taste can refresh the throat. Can eliminate the sensation of extremely hot weather. If it’s not mixed with ice cubes, it feels less refreshing.