June 22, 2021

Tips For Choosing A Watch According To Your Hand Shape

If you are a watch lover and like to collect a variety of watches with a variety of different models. Try to be more careful because not all best watches review models match your hand shape. If you have small and thin hands, use a watch with a small, thin strap to give the impression of a fuller hand. Avoid watches with thick and large straps as this will make your hands smaller. Then, for thicker, fatter hands, try choosing a watch with a large, wide strap. This method is important to make your hands look smaller. Furthermore, for muscular hands, use a watch with a sporty style to match your hand. Conversely, avoid watches with straps made of cloth. For this model hand, you are relatively free to choose a watch model. However, women’s watches with stainless and canvas will be even more beautiful in your hands.

Finally, hands with proportional form are also easier to match with various models and types of watches. You only need to adjust the color selection of the clock to your skin. Watches are not only useful for viewing time, but also for fashion accessories that enhance your style. That is why choosing a watch should not be arbitrary. You need to pay attention to the shape, model, type, and even color. So, specifically for choosing a clock color, you need to adjust it to your skin tone. The lighter skin color is olive. With this color, you will be more flexible in choosing the color of the clock. For example, nude or beige colors will be very sweet combined with your skin tone. You can also choose a watch with these color patterns. If you have dark skin, choose a watch with black color to disguise the black color on your skin. However, if you want a watch with stainless material, choose a golden watch. Finally, if you have white skin, you can be more flexible in choosing the color. To make your hands brighter, you can choose a light watch color. Also, if you want a stainless watch, you can choose gold or silver.