June 22, 2021

Types Of Men’s Watches According To Their Appearance

You could say that watches are statements wear for men, almost equivalent to women’s bags which are their statement wear, so of course men will choose the best watches for men. Therefore, knowing the various types of mens watch is important so that your appearance can be maximized!

So, based on their appearance, here are the types of men’s watches that we can group:

1. Classic / Casual Watches (Casual Watch)
This type of watch is a men’s watch that is most easily found in watch shops. The main characteristic is the leather strap (original or imitation) and the design tends to be simple. Casual watches usually display only one type of time: analog or digital. Some modern casual watches are equipped with waterproof features and a simple stopwatch.

2. Formal Watches (Dress Watch)
For those of you who are happy with formal appearances, you must have this type of watch. Dress Watch usually has a large strap made of chain or stainless steel, and the color only varies between silver or gold. The main function of this watch is to add an elegant impression to your overall appearance, so this watch is usually analog.

This type of watch is not recommended for use when you use a casual or semi-formal appearance. Besides, Dress Watch is more suitable for wearing at formal events or going to formal wear.

3.Chronograph Watch
Have you seen a watch that has a lot of pointer time? It is not a timepiece, but a stopwatch pedestal timer. Therefore, this watch can be used if you are active in sports or activities that require extra attention to measuring time (such as teachers and lecturers, to monitor exams).

In terms of design, this type of watch usually has a simple strap design (usually leather), but it is complex on the watch tire. This watch gives the impression of being cool and masculine, but if you rarely use the stopwatch function, it’s a waste. It’s better to divert your budget for casual and formal watches.