June 21, 2021

What Is Broadhead Catfish?

Broadhead catfish or which in Latin is Clarias macrocephalus is a type of catfish originating from the Southeast Asian region. This type of catfish is also commonly referred to as Broadhead catfish. This type of catfish has a habit of breathing in the air. In Thailand and the Philippines, broadhead catfish and local catfish (Clarias Batrachus) is very popular as food for consumption. Both types of catfish can be processed into a variety of dishes or dishes, especially by grilling or frying. Aside from that, if you need some reels for catfish fishing, we suggest you read this.

Broadhead catfish and local catfish are also often found in street food or street vendors because the price is quite cheap. But because of human error in breeding broadhead catfish with mixed mating, the population of broadhead catfish is declining.

Broadhead catfish are found in many tropical Asian countries, such as Thailand, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines. This type of catfish can survive in brackish water and freshwater. Broadhead catfish are easy to find in swamps, rice fields, rivers, or puddles (lakes). The unique thing about this type of catfish is that when the dry season arrives and the water recedes, it will bury itself for a long time. If he wants to move, he will come out using his long fins.

Broadhead catfish (broadhead) can grow to reach a size of 120 cm, especially in male broadhead catfish. In general, broadhead catfish can be seen its characteristics by looking at the dorsal fin. Large broadhead catfish dorsal fins. The occipital process of broadhead catfish is also short and round. In addition, the body parts of black broadhead catfish have white spots. For male broadhead catfish, the characteristics are that around the anus there is an elongated urogenital papilla. Whereas for female broadhead catfish the shape of the urogenital papilla is shaped like a round hole. Broadhead catfish foods in the wild are aquatic insects, young shrimp, and or small fish. But if the catfish is in captivity you can feed it rice bran, fish meal, formula feed like pellets, and also kitchen waste in the form of vegetable scraps.