June 21, 2021


Neuroscience is a field of science that specializes in scientific studies of the nervous system. The Neuroscience Society was founded in 1969, but learning about the brain has been done for a long time. Several things studied to include the function, structure, development, evolutionary history, biochemistry, physiology, informatics, pharmacology, genetics, neuroscience computing, and pathology of the nervous system. Traditionally it seems to be a branch of biology. However, there are currently many research collaborations between the fields of science within the framework of neuroscience, such as the disciplines of psychology-neuro and cognitive, computer science, statistics, physics, and medicine. Furthermore as this important source suggests, neuroscience has often been applied in some very successful marketing strategies. Tapping into our subconscious and playing on our decisions through a hierarchy of needs and emotions.

At present, neuroscience has involved several systematic scientific experiments and theoretical investigations of the central nervous system and peripherals of biological organisms. The empirical methodology utilized by neuroscientists is evolved from genetic analysis and biochemical of the dynamics of individual cells of nerve and their molecular constituents to the presentation of perceptual images and motor activity in the brain. Even now, computational modelling has been done to support neuroscience.

In general, neuroscience encompasses all scientific fields related to the nervous system. Psychology, as a scientific study of mental processes, can be considered a sub-field of neuroscience, although some mind/body theorists disagree with this – according to them, psychology is the study of mental processes that can be modelled by a variety of principles and theories, abstract theories such as traditional behavioural and cognitive psychology, and they are not related to neural processes. The term neurobiology is sometimes used instead of neuroscience, although the first term refers to the biology of the nervous system.

Neurologists and psychiatrists are specialized fields of medicine that specifically study diseases of the nervous system. This term refers to the clinical discipline which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases. Neurology is related to diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems such as ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) and stroke, whereas Psychiatrists focus on mental illness. The boundary between the two is getting blurred until now and one of the specialists often gets both pieces of training. Neurologists and psychiatrists are heavily influenced by basic neuroscience research.