June 21, 2021

When to Use Lip Gloss?

Although both are used on the lips, using lipstick and lip gloss is much different in function. The lipstick itself is a pigmented color that gently attaches to the lips. With a matte and creamy formula that can change the color of the lips and make it fresher all the time. While the lip gloss formula itself tends to be liquid and juicy. Often the color is soft and clear, making lips become more sparkling. You can get a DIY Lip Gloss on our website.

Benefits of lip gloss

Make lips look fuller
Correcting thin lips
Makes lips more sparkling so as to minimize chapped lips
Contains vitamins and moisturizers
Balance and moisturize the lips after using a matte lipstick

When do you use lip gloss?

You do not need to put lip gloss on your lips every day. Ideally, beautiful lip gloss is worn during the day, or for casual events.
While lipstick can be used all day in various events that are tailored to the skin color and the event being attended.
For official occasions, it’s better not to wear lip gloss, because a matte lipstick will make you look firmer.
Want to give the impression of glamor on the lips, just use lip gloss with sparkling in it. So the lips look shiny and glamorous.

Lip gloss is different from lipstick which tends to have a color stay version. Lipgloss itself usually only lasts a few moments, so it is recommended you bring lip gloss so that the appearance can be corrected at any time. Lip gloss also tends to disappear over the rubbing of the tongue or lips when wet lips.

There are some rules that should be understood before buying lip gloss

Pay attention to the brand and composition
Avoid buying lip gloss with the lure of cheap prices, without you knowing the safety and comfort when worn. Generally, cheap lip gloss contains dangerous chemicals that can have side effects when swallowed.
Adjust lip gloss with the color of the lipstick you have.
If it is more than 2 years old, lipgloss should not be used anymore.