June 21, 2021

Why do you and I need a VPN?

We often pay attention to lots of people who like to use free wifi in public places. Maybe you’ll prefer to buy a modem that can be taken anywhere, the reason is quite simple, DATA SECURITY. What you need to know more about VPN is that this technology can make your connection more secure between the device you are using and the internet server, so that no one can eavesdrop on the data that you upload, exchange or change. Even more cool and great again if you use a VPN is your internet service provider can not secretly check to peek at our activities. Don’t worry, there are so many VPN providers with servers spread all over the world. You can see it https://vpswala.org.

If we may explain by borrowing an illustration of the illustration made by Kaspersky which is below the VPN works exactly as illustrated in the picture below. VPNs make the way you travel much safer through all the insecurities in a public or public network. VPN opens blocked or banned sites: For example in our country, websites that are blocked often occur, for example, Vimeo Sites cannot be opened in Indonesia, Reddit sites, and many others. In other countries, it’s the same, for example in China, if you want to open Facebook, you have to use VPN to be able to open Facebook. For Security: by using a VPN, you and some people can be protected from phishing attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, and other attacks. For our privacy. VPN connections can prevent people from lurking and also steal our data. Change Your Virtual Location:

Many people including me use VPN only to change our IP address. And almost all of these VPN services allow us to choose a myriad of addresses for this virtual location.