May 10, 2021

Write for Us

Are you one of those people who has a hobby of writing? One thing is certain, do not waste your skills useless because there are many ways to get money from your writing. Being a freelance writer can also be a lucrative side job. But many do not know how to utilize their skills in the current digital era. Not just writing a diary at home, here are some tips for making money as a writer.

1. Start a blog and register with Google AdSense. Every writer needs a blog. This is one of the best platforms for developing loyal readers as well as your initial portfolio. But it must be underlined, focus on just one theme when creating a blog so that readers will remember your blog more. After having many visitors on the blog, activate your ad column on the blog. Of course, by registering to Google AdSense, you will get money every time your blog visitors click on existing ads. If you already have a solid reader, it’s not difficult to make easy money every month.

2. Write articles on Opportunities Planet and get attractive wages. As a multi-author website, this blog provides an opportunity for you to be able to express yourself and become a freelance contributor to article writers here. If you are consistent and have a lot of readers in each article, of course, the income you get from here can increase your income.

3. Enter various writing competitions that give fantastic prizes. Do you like writing fiction, opinions, or just daily articles? If you know, of course, there are many sectors, private, and even social communities holding writing competitions with fantastic prizes. Try to be more active to find information on competitions and take part in writing competitions that you like. Of course, who knows if luck is on your side and you get more knowledge in writing.

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