June 21, 2021

You Must Choose Sharp Knives With The Right Types For Safety When Cooking

When you use a less sharp knife, you will automatically use more power when cutting something. It is not impossible, the knife can miss your target and the risk of injury due to the knife will be even greater. Therefore, you must ensure that every knife in your restaurant’s kitchen is sharp. In order to sharpen a knife, you can use a special tool or a whetstone to sharpen it. On the other hand, if you wish to know more info about Japanese knives, you may visit Kamikoto Blog.

Most knives are usually designed with an angle of 20 degrees on each side of the knife edge. The design can make the blade more durable and sharper. If you use more soft food, you can sharpen the knife to 15 degrees. However, this smaller angle will make your blade need to be sharpened more often to be sharp and can also reduce its durability. If you use a lot of hard food, choose a knife with an angle of 20 degrees or a greater degree.

Aside from that, you must also choose the right type of knife. Not all types of knives are suitable for use for cutting all types of food. You must use a knife according to its function, shape, and size. When choosing a knife for your restaurant kitchen, you should consider the size of the blade. For example, a small knife will not be able to function optimally to cut meat. If you want to cut meat, you should use a bigger knife. In addition, think about its function too. If you will use a knife more often to remove fish scales, you can choose a flexible fillet knife. Finally, consider the tip of the knife. For example, a serrated knife will be suitable for cutting soft-textured food in the middle.

You also have to remember one thing, the knife should not be used as a can opener, a replacement screwdriver, or to tear the cardboard. When you use a knife outside its main function, you can endanger yourself, and make the blade break faster. So make sure you train your restaurant’s kitchen staff to use the knife properly.